Effective Classroom Games For EFL/ESL Teachers: tic-tac-toe

A short description about the game of tic-tac-toe

“Tic-tac-toe” is one of the old games that is played by two persons. I remember when I was a child, I used to play this game at school with my classmates. At that time, it was a paper-and-pencil game. In the game, you have to choose either, X or O, and mark the spaces you have in a 3×3 grid. The player who finishes in placing three of their marks vertically, horizontally, or diagonally is the winner of the game. Technology has developed this game and today, we can see it in software and Apps.

The simplicity of this game has made it one of the pedagogical tools used in teaching. Many teachers today use it as it adds up more fun and rejoice in learning and teaching. 

Note: there are instructions inside the PPT on how to reveal a circle, a cross, or reset the board. Check them before you start.

How to play the game tic-tac-toe

There are two ways you can use this game in your classroom.

  1. The first way:

You can use it as an ice breaker at the beginning of an activity. It helps you get your learners to physically move. You can draw the grid on the board, divide your class into two groups, and have learners line up. Each group chooses a mark: X or O. When you count  1,2 and 3, students will have to quickly run to put a mark in the grid and return quickly to give the marker to the student behind them. When the grid is filled, you will check which group is the winner and record that.

2.  The second way:

You can use the game in the PPT, which you will have to download from the link below. It is almost the same as the first one. Here, you can use it to review with students the lessons you taught.  But, you will have to prepare a plan the questions you will ask before ahead.

  • Divide your class
  • Tell them they will have to say “bingo” when they know the answer
  • When “bingo” is said, permission is given
  • Click diaporama
  • Have the two groups choose either an O or X
  • Read the instructions included in the PPT to know how to reveal a circle, a cross, or reset the board. 

I hope you really like this game.

Can you please share the games you use in your class? Is there anything that you don’t understand about this game? Put in comments, and we will respond in due time. 

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Here is your link below. Click on it to download the game in a PPT format.



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