Effective Classroom Games For ESL/EFL Teachers: Let’s Check It

A short description about the game of “Let’s Check It”

During teaching a grammar or vocabulary lesson, teachers might wish to check your students’ understanding. “Let’s check it is an amazing and funny game that can help you do it. Teachers may use it as a quiz to check on your students and give feedback immediately or as a post-lesson activity for further practice. What makes this game appealing is that it requires concentration, attention, observation, and consistency. It also helps students recognize and study the lexical or grammatical structures they learned in depth.

This game is similar to multiple-choice tests. But, it is funnier. You write statements. Under each statement, you put different distractors. Your students will have to choose the correct answer. (The correct answer place is already chosen. So, when you are writing your distractors, make sure you the correct answer in its place). Note that this game gives the chance of controlling the level of difficulty by giving you the choice to modify the number of distractors. Some slides may contain 4, while some others may contain 6 or 8.

Note: It is up to you to modify the game. The examples put here is just for a grammar lesson (passive voice), but you can use it with vocabulary or functions.

How to play the game of “Let’s Check It”

  • Divide your students into two teams
  • Tell them what they have to do
  • Both groups are free to answer the question. But, how your students respond is up to you. You could tell students to say “bingo” or just raise their hands to give them permission to answer.
  • You draw a table on the board that includes the names of the teams
  • The team that answers the question correctly wins a point and is recorded on the table
  • The team that gets many points is the winner.

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Here is your link below. Click on it to download the game in a PPT format.



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