Effective Classroom Games For ESL/EFL Teachers: Jeopardy

A short description about the game of “Jeopardy”

If you are looking for a game that adds joy and fun to your class, “jeopardy” is the one. It is a game where your students are given questions and asked to give answers, or are given answers and asked to form questions. However, many EFL and ESL games ask a question. So, the teacher can judge students’ learning and understanding of the material. Jeopardy, not only allows for this option but also gives teachers the possibility of giving answers to judge learners’ mastery of language skills.   

Jeopardy can serve as a quiz form in which teachers can check on their learners’ understanding very quickly, effectively, and most importantly in a funny way. Download the PPT below and open it. You will see the menu board. Each square is linked to a specific slide in the PPT. Click on green 2 and you will move to the question in that slide. Teachers can use Jeopardy to review any questions or several units. Take a look inside the PPT, you will find that there are five units. Under each unit, there are five questions. Each question is assigned a point. Each slide has one box for the question and one box for the answer. You can jot down your own questions and answers to the boxes.

How to play the game of “Jeopardy”

  • Divide your students into groups and name each group
  • Draw a table on the board to keep the points recorded.
  • Tell your students that will have questions to answer.
  • Tell students they can choose whatever number they want (question 1 is easy and yields only 1 point. Question 5 is harder, but it yields 5 points).
  • Make sure your students understand the instructions.
  • Students choose a numbered square, and you click on it.
  • Listen to your students and then click on the answer. If the answer is correct, give them a point (depending on the number of the square)
  • Click on the answer to return to the menu.

Note: The questions in the template belong to the 1st-year baccalaureate textbook, the first five units. But, you can always plan your own questions depending on the level and your students’ proficiency. You just need to modify the template. 

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Here is your link below. Click on it to download the game in a PPT format.




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