Effective Classroom Games For ESL/EFL Teachers: Let’s Play Football

A short description about the game of “let’s play football”

“Let’s play football” is an amazing game that can stimulate your learners’ motivation. It can be used as a warm-up at the beginning of the lesson or to review the last lesson. You, the teachers, have to plan the questions you will ask during the game prior to the class. Your questions should be specific and relevant to your lesson.

This game simulates real live football matches. There will be two teams playing against each other. Each is trying to score in the other’s goal.  This game requires students to show speed, attention, and concentration. The team that has these features will always score a goal. The two teams are free to answer the questions. But, you will have to decide on they will do that. You may tell them they can raize their hands or say “bingo”. The first team does one of these, gets permission to answer the question.

How to play the game of “let’s play football”

  • Divide your class into groups and ask them to choose which color they represent (red vs. blue)
  • Tell your students that they will have to answer some questions
  • The first member of a group who says “yes” will have the right to answer first
  • Each group gets three correct answers sequentially will score a goal
  • Click on diaporama and you will have the ball in the middle of the slide
  • The team that gets a correct answer is ATTACKING
  • Click on (1) in either sides when you get a correct answer from a certain group
  • Click on (2) when you get a correct answer from the same team and (3) for a third answer
  • If the other team answers a question you click back
  • The team which answers 3 times sequentially scores a goal
  • When a team scores a goal, click above to record it

Here is your link below. Click on it to download the game in a PPT format.

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