This section includes lesson plans of different lessons and different levels:

  • Beginners
  • Pre-intermediate 
  • Intermediate

Please, note that these lesson plans are teacher-made and may not reflect the best lesson planning practices. However, they will surely serve as a guide for novice teachers or those struggling with planning certain lessons. Please, Go over each unit and click on the ones you need, they are ready for immediate download.


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Grammar Lessons Plans

Vocabulary Lessons Plans

  1. Vocabulary Of School
  2. Vocabulary of Family
  3. Vocabulary of Food & Drink

Communication Lessons Plans

Study Skills and Reviews

Textbook used


Vocabulary Lessons Plans

  1. Cultural heritage 
  2. Education
  3. Media
  4.  Leisure and entertainment
  5. Celebrations and traditions
  6. Health and Welfare
  7. Ecology and Environment
  8. Types Of Education
  9. Cultural Issues and Values
  10.  Gifts ad Youth
  11.  Women Power
  12. Science & Technology
  13. Idiomatic Expressions
  14. Prefixes and Suffixes

Grammar Lessons Plans

  1. Simple past
  2. Past Continuous
  3. Used to
  4. Past Continuous
  5. Used to
  6. Preposition 
  7. Too and Enough
  8. Simple future: Will & be going to
  9. Conditional 0
  10. Conditional 1
  11. Conditional 2
  12. Modals
  13. Passive voice
  14. Relative pronouns
  15. Present perfect
  16. Past Perfect
  17. Future Perfect
  18. Passive Voice

Communication Lessons Plans

  1. Expressing opinions and beliefs
  2. Expressing Opinions
  3. Expressing interest and surprise 
  4. Expressing advice
  5. Expressing feelings and emotions
  6. Expressing promise
  7. Expressing a Complaint 1
  8. Expressing Complaint 2
  9. Expressing Wishes and Hopes
  10. Making and Responding to Apology
  11. Expressing Request
  12. Expressing Lack of Understanding and Asking for Clarification

Witing Lessons Plans

  1. Writing-Writing a Paragraph
  2. Writing-Linking Words
  3. Writing an Email 1
  4. Writing an email 2
  5.  Writing a letter 
  6. Writing a Formal letter
  7. Writing an essay
  8. Writing Cause-Effect Article
  9. Writing Argumentative Article
  10. Writing A descriptive Article
  11.  Writing an article

Reading Lessons Plans

  1. Reading about Cutltural Heritage
  2. Reading Cultural Values
  3. Reading about Media
  4. Reading about Health and Welfare
  5. Reading about Natural Problems
  6. Reading about Types of Education 
  7. Reading abou Science and Technology 
  8. Reading about Gifts of Youths 
  9. Reading about Culture

Listening Lessons Plans

Textbook used
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