Effective Classroom Games For ESL/EFL Teachers: Concentration

A short description about the game of “concentration”

If you look forward to helping your learners develop their concentration and memory skills, “concentration” can help you do it. This is a memory game where learners try to recall the place of matching pairs. It can be used with collocations, word definitions, synonyms, and antonyms…etc.

Download the game from the link below. The template contains one filled slide and two empty slides. Each slide represents a level of difficulty. The first uses numbers and colors to help learners match the words. The second only uses colors while the third uses none.

How  to play the game of“concentration”

  • Divide the students into teams
  • Tell your students that they will have to pair the collocations using the numbers
  • Draw a table on the board to keep the records
  • Click diaporama, Click (show all), and give students some time.
  • Click hide all and have students and start with group 1. If they get it right, give them a point and leave the cards uncovered. If they don’t get it right, move to group 2.

Note: this is a turn-based game. However, all learners will have to pay attention to recall the places of collocations, numbers, colors, and cards. If learners give correct answers, leave the cards uncovered, and give the points to their team. If they are incorrect, cover the cards again and give the next team a chance.

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Here is your link below. Click on it to download the game in a PPT format.



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