Effective Classroom Games For EFL/ESL Teachers: Reveal picture

A short description about the game of “reveal a picture”

“Reveal picture” is a picture guessing game, in which your learners guess the word that describes that picture. What you do is you cover pictures you want to teach or review with a set of tiles. When you play it, you will have to uncover the pictures. The first team recognizes the picture and identify the word gets a point.

Teachers can use this game when pre-teaching lexical items and reviewing or recapitulating learned vocabulary. They have to gather the pictures they want to review or teach and arrange them in the slides. They only need to move one of the colored tiles and then click right and drag the picture. Note that the number of tiles increases as you go from one slide to another, which makes the game a little bit hard and challenging.

How to play the game of “reveal a picture”

  • Divide your class into groups
  • Click diaporama
  • Draw a table on the board to keep the records.
  • Tell your students that they have to say “bingo” before they answer.
  • The first group says “bingo” will be obtained permission.
  • Start uncovering the picture by clicking on tiles.
  • Once a group guesses the picture, you give them a point and go like this.
  • The winning group is the one who got many points.

I hope you really like this game.  Can you please share the games you use in your class? Is there anything that you don’t understand about this game?

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