Classroom Icebreakers: Find someone who…

Find someone who” is an amazing ice breaking activity you can use in the classroom. In this activity, learners stand up and walk around the class asking questions to find people who match the information they have been given. This game helps learners be physically involved, get up, move around, and loosen their inhibitions. It can be difficult to organize in that it is hard to make sure that all your learners are involved and that everyone finishes at the same time.

The goal:

The goal of this game is to have your learners wander around the class and collect as much information as possible that match what they have.

the required materials:

You will need a pen, a paper and a worksheet that you have to design at home. Make sure that all your learners have a pen, paper and the worksheet before starting the activity.

The procedures:

You will have to follow these instructions to successfully implement it.

  • Prior to the class, you have to prepare the game sheet.

Eg.: find someone who….

  1. ……like traveling
  2. ……can ride a motorbike
  3. ……has two brothers
  4. ……likes playing piano
  • The worksheets you give can be the same or different. In case, they are different you will have to give each student a copy.
  • Your learners then stand up and have to ask each others, those questions to find among their classmates, someone who likes playing piano, like traveling and can ride a motorcycle…etc.
  • When your students find someone, they must write their names on the activity worksheet. They find someone for each statement.
  • After they finish, they will have something like this:


  1. Ahmed liked traveling
  2. Kamal can ride a motorcycle
  3. Amina has two brothers


  • The first of your learners who finishes filling the worksheet is the winner

Have you ever used this activity? What activities do you use for ice breaking? Please let us know. If you like this activity, please share with your colleagues.



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