Effective Classroom Games For EFL/ESL Teachers: bullseye

A short description about the game of “bullseye”

“Bullseye” is one of the oldest games. I remember when I was a child, I always watched TV shows where this game was played. It is a funny game for both children and adults. Teachers can use this game in their classroom because it can spark their learners’ interest and will add more fun to their class. I guarantee that.

This game’s template was created differently from the grid layout of other games. Download it from the link below, you will notice that the design of the board is quite the same as the one in jeopardy and mystery squares. There are different points earned for each section of the board. There are four sections and each section is worth certain points. Check the table, below:

The value of points should reflect the degree of difficulty of your questions. There are no questions in this game. To play it, you will have to plan your questions which reflect the content beforehand.

How to play the game of “bullseye”

  • Divide your students into groups and name them
  • Draw a table on the board to keep the points recorded
  • Tell your students that there are four types of questions and each type is worth points.
  • You have to keep track and balancing the types of questions
  • All the groups are free to answer the questions. However, the way they answer is up to you. To avoid noise, tell the groups they have to say “bingo”
  • The first group says “bingo” obtains permission to answer the question
  • When the questions finish, count the points for each group and say who the winning group is.

I hope you really like this game.  Can you please share the games you use in your class? Is there anything that you don’t understand about this game? Put it in the comments, and we will respond in due time. 

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 Here is your link below. Click on it to download the game in a PPT format.




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