Top Educational Movies To Enhance Students’ Learning

Top Educational Movies To Enhance Students’ Learning

As an educator, I firmly believe in the power that movies can positively exert on students’ learning. Many people ask me why and how. With regard to ‘why’.

The reason is very simple. Movies promote a sense of involvement and immersion. They provide learners a living experience of so many things. Learners understand more, develop critical thinking skills, develop cultural awareness, learn to respect and appreciate cultural differences, improve their language, respect other people, get entertained….etc.

This post shows you some of the great movies to watch. They have educational implications that can help you as well as your learners.

Movies For language learners

I really recommend movies as ‘’the king’s speech’’. This movie tells the story of a man who suffers from a permanent disability, he is obliged to speak with a stammer. The king’s wife realizes that the country needs her husband to communicate effectively with people. So, she hires a speech therapist to help her husband overcome the impediment.


The movie is really useful for language learners because it features a captivating motivational story of a man who struggles with language. But, through hard work, dedication, and commitment, he could overcome his speech problems and develop great speaking skills and gain confidence.

The movie can also be of paramount help to language teachers in that the latter can be inspired by the therapist and learn some of his unconventional ways to teach students how to speak with confidence.

Movies For physics students

If you are a teacher of physics, then I recommend movies like ‘’a beautiful mind’’. This is a biographical movie based on the life of the great scientist: John Nash, a Noble prize holder in Economics. The movie portrays a mathematical and physics genius who experienced success, failure, sickness, and struggle.


It follows his journey from the point when he was just a college student not aware of his abnormal psychological state: schizophrenia to the point of time John and his wife find ways to manage his condition. The most captivating thing about the movie is that it plainly displays the struggle of a guy who is so passionate about science particularly Math and Physics. It shows many physics elements that will help learners of this subject.

Movies For music and art students

School of rock is one of my favorite movies. I have watched it several times. The movie stars Jack Black, the most hilarious American actor. I just love this movie and I enjoy it. Every time I watch it, I learn something new.

Although the movie seems to take music seriously, it presents some great insights into the nature of learning and education. Students of arts and music can learn so many things from this movie.

The movie presents great ideas about students’ autonomy and self-independence. It shows that music, particularly rock and roll, can be a genuine way to make the world a better place. If you want to get what you want, you have to be creative and passionate. You have to be in your and everyday size. You have to be resilient. Music and songs are a great way to learn.

Movies For Sports Students

One of my best movies and I’m sure so many people do like it. The movie is about a person called Ken Carter (starred by the American actor: Samuel Jackson) who used to be a Basketball player. In 1999, Carter was offered a job in his old high school in Richmond, California, to train the basketball team. Carter accepted the job under certain conditions. Students should commit to certain rules and display academic discipline and achievement. So, he started training them and winning games. But, soon later, he found out that their grades aren’t high as he required them. So, he locked the gym and canceled some games. When he was being criticized by everyone, Carter showed remarkable determination and trust in himself and his perspective.

Among the things every student can learn from this movie are :

  • Players who want to win games should be punctual and demonstrate discipline.
  • Give respect to earn it.
  • Athletes and sports players need to be well-conditioned and well-prepared.
  • Winning is not important all the time.
  • Teamwork is very important. 
  • The little things do really matter in every game.

Movies For Students of Finance and Economy

The Wolf of Wall Street was a big movie. Many people considered it a hit. The story and plot were fun, real, and a little bit exaggerated. The most striking part about the movie is that it is inspired by a true story. 

The movie also has a hit book “The Way of the Wolf”, which further discloses a demonstration of how entrepreneurs can be successful at persuasion and influence.

Regardless of whether students have seen the movie or read his book, there are some lessons that everyone into finance and the economy should learn.

Firstly, being good friends with your employees means they will do anything for your company. They will work day and night to make you satisfied. Secondly, be careful about what you are sacrificing for money or success. Thirdly, social gatherings are a great way to build a company culture that will promote your success. Finally, take life a little less seriously.


As a teacher or an educator, there are many movies that you can draw on if you want to enhance your students’ learning, confidence, and motivation. You just need to choose the best movies or the best movie scenes which will spark your students’ interest. This is really exciting. Just try it out and see the amazing results.


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