Ten Things Every Teacher Should Try During The Summer Break

For all teachers, summer break is a time to have more fun and recharge. It’s time to hit the beach or the pool to relax. For some teachers, the summer break is a time to reflect on the things that went right and the things that went wrong during the academic year. It’s time to learn more to enhance their professional development.

In all cases, the summer break is when all teachers should really take their time to relax and dangle both physically and mentally.

Here are ten things every teacher should try during the summer break.

  1. Take a break from “teaching” for some time, a week, two weeks or even a month. Try to resist the temptation to start planning for the next academic year. You feel great after taking such break and you will come back more energetic than earlier.
  2. If you have children, let them plan a picnic or wandering carefree day to discover more about nature. This is hard when teachers are overloaded with planning and grading. This is your chance.
  3. Have enough time for your family. Sit down and talk with your kids, wife and other relatives. Enjoy your social life.
  4. Practice sports as much as you can. You will definitely get rid of the stress and get healthier.
  5. Try to read the books you like and you always wanted to read. They could be out of the education field and that would be great. Just do it. Enjoy your time.
  6. Invest in your professional life. It could be through a course you always wanted to take, or attending a summer camp, or take a training somewhere… etc. Whatever your interest, summer is your time for more personal and professional development on your own pace.
  7. Try to connect with as many colleagues as possible to share reflections, discuss issues and probably plan more professional development learning communities in the future.
  8. Use the social media and have more fun. During the academic year, you are probably so busy with the workload, summer is your time to know what is trending, search and update new pages and groups to follow in the future.
  9. Grab your file and read about the good parts of your job. Read the “thank-you notes from learners”, “what makes you a good teacher”, quotes and expressions of gratitude. All this can help learn more about yourself and gives you a sense of pride and appreciation of what you do.
  10. remember that the summer break is a BREAK. Try to enjoy your time and have more fun. Remember that high expectations result inbeing disappointed. It’s fairly fine if you don’t commit to your summer break plan. As long as you are having fun that’s the main thing.


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2 thoughts on “Ten Things Every Teacher Should Try During The Summer Break”

  1. Elwafi Cherkaoui

    Yeap , Actually they deserve more then one month .
    Everyone knows and agrees that this job is very tired .

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