Classroom Icebreakers: Find a lie

Find a lie”, usually known as “two truths and a lie” is a classic classroom activity. Every student knows it. It is really one of the activities that can turn your class into a positive environment. I have tried it several times and it really works. You just tell your students to take a piece of paper and write three statements: two are true and one is false.

The goal of the ice breaker:

The goal of this warm-up activity is that students have to identify the false statement.

The required materials:

In this ice breaker, you will need small pieces of papers, one for each learner. You can use the index cards as well, if you can afford them.

Procedures to follow:

This activity is very simple and won’t confuse your learners.  Yet, you can follow these instructions to put it into practice.

  • Give each of your students a small piece of paper
  • Tell them to write three statements about themselves on the paper. Tow of these statements must be true, one is a lie.

For instance:

  •         My name is Bob (true)
  •         I’m 17 years old
  •         I’m a millionaire


  • Tell your students to stand up in their places, or move to the stage and read their papers in front of others.
  • They should be wandering around the class while reading and see if their classmates can identify THE LIE. 

Remember that this is a get-to-know-you activity. You can always use it at the beginning of the year, or when you have a presentation. With your learners, it doesn’t really matter the class size. You can opt for a lockstep approach or divide your students into groups. Even the materials are optional, You and your learners can do it orally.


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