Top 35 Tongue Twisters Teachers Can Use In Their Classrooms

Why Tongue Twisters

As most of you know, tongue twisters are an amazing way to practice pronunciation skills and improve your students’ fluency in the Englsih language. Today, many EFL and ESL teachers use tongue twisters in their classrooms. It is generally acknowledged that tongue twisters can stimulate learners’ interest and motivation.

This is something that has gone viral among language teachers in the last decade. When you enter a classroom, you will always notice that moment when teachers introduce a tongue twister to their learners. It has come to be a class ritual.

What is striking about tongue twisters is that they can be used with true beginners, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced students. They can also be used with kids in the kindergarten and adults in evening classes, language centers, or institutes. Even teachers can use them to practice their English language. Tongue twisters can help people stretch and train the muscles of their mouth.

Here, I introduce you to a list of 35 commonly used tongue twisters by EFL and ESL teachers. The following list comprises different tongue twisters.

Some of these are short, and others are long. Some are easy and some are hard to pronounce. In front of each one, there is a number of times you have to try it with your students. the number depends on difficulty and length.

Top 35 Tongue Twisters

Here is the list. Enjoy it, and try to repeat as much as you can. 

  1. Red Buick, blue Buick (try it 3 times)
  2. Rolling red wagons (try it 4 times)
  3. Red lorry, yellow lorry (try it 3 times)
  4. Black back bat (try it 5 times)
  5. Thin sticks, thick breaks (try it 3 times)
  6. Stupid superstition (try it 3 times)
  7. She sees cheese (try it 3 times)
  8. Eleven benevolent elephants (try it 3 times)
  9. Two tried and true tridents (try it 3 times)
  10. Slim slam slap (try it 3 times)
  11. Pre-shrunk silk shirts (try it 3 times)
  12. Ed had edited it (try it 3 times)
  13. Which wristwatches are Swiss wristwatches (try it 3 times)?
  14. Truly rural (try it 5 times)
  15. I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen (try it 2 times)
  16. He threw three free throws (try it 3 times)
  17. Fred fed Ted bread and Ted fed Fred bread (try it 2 times)
  18. Fred fed Ted bread, and Ted fed Fred bread (try it 3 times)
  19. Good blood, bad blood (try it 4 times)
  20. Lesser leather never weathered wetter weather better (try it 2 times)
  21. Four fine fresh fish for you (try it 3 times)
  22. Wayne went to Wales to watch walruses (try it 2 times)
  23. Which witch is which? (try it 4 times)
  24. I thought I thought of thinking of thanking you (try it 4 times)
  25. Thin sticks, thick bricks (try it 3 times)
  26. Flash message (try it 5 times)
  27. She sells seashells by the seashore (try it 3 times)
  28. A big black bug snoozed on a big black rug (try it 2 times)
  29. Snap crackle pop (try it 6 times)
  30. Printed papers under pressure make pens prickle (try it 2 times)
  31. The poor boar pours batter over his putter (try it 2 times)
  32. Six sticky skeletons (try it 5 times)
  33. Thunder sunders thick sticks (try it 6 times)
  34. Gooey gopher guts (try it 3 times)
  35. Excited executioner exercising his excising powers excessively (try it 2 times).

I hope you like this collection of tongue twisters. What is your favorite tongue twister? Which one did you find difficult?  What are the ones you think can suit your learners?

Share these answers in a comment and share this post if you think it deserves. If you think this post can help someone, please share it with him. 

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