Vocabulary related to Media – Basic English Vocabulary (ESL&EFL Vocab)

Vocabulary related to Media – Basic English Vocabulary (ESL&EFL Vocab)


Have you ever thought about the sources from which people get information and learn? The tables below show four parts of the media that help us know more about the world. 


Vocabulary related to Cinema 

Definition and Meaning



A person who runs a company, or someone in charge of a movie making telling actors what to do.


A male person whose job is to perform on stage and in movies.


A female whose job is to perform on stage or in movies.


A written text of a play or a film that is performed by actors.


A person whose job is to record videos and take pictures in a press or movie making company.



Vocabulary related to Television  

Definition and Meaning
Talk show




A TV show in which famous people are talking about their personal life and other stuff in an informal way.





A TV or radio shows and tells facts about something, usually about nature, humans or animals…etc.
Weather forecastA short description on the radio or TV of what the weather will be like in a week.


A regular TVprogram that shows the same characters in different funny situations.


A series of recorded scenes that tell a story.


A person who presents information to people on TV shows
EpisodeOne part of series or TV shows


Vocabulary related to Press Definition and Meaning


A person who reports news from a certain place.
HeadlinesBig titles in the newspaper


A person who decides what should be included in a newspaper and a magazine.
ArticleA piece of writing that talks about something.

Editorial column


A section in a newspaper that presents the opinion of the editor or the publisher.
HomepageThe main page of a newspaper or a company.




The first page of a newspaper includes important news.



A group of people who are watching something on TV, the Internet, theater, and cinema.



A person whose job is to collect and write stories for TV,  newspapers, magazines, and TV programs.
Issue A series of newspapers, journals, and magazines.


Vocabulary related to the internet

Definition and Meaning


Looking for different things on the internet to find something interesting.


A way of sending messages to people using a computer.


ViewersPeople who watch YouTube videos





A place on the interest where people and companies put their information and data so that others can have access to it.

Search engine

A program that searches for information on the internet.


A person who browses the internet looking for things.



A document that is a part of a website and anyone with an internet connection can see it.




A website where people usually write about recent events.


BloggerA person who writes regularly about topics that interest people.



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