Vocabulary and words related to Celebrations and Occasions

 Basic English Vocabulary (ESL&EFL Vocab)

Vocabulary related to Celebrations and Occasions 



Definition and meaning
CelebrationA special event that people of a certain place organize to celebrate something.
 Local Celebrations Special events that are related to a certain region or area.
Religious Celebrations Special events in which people celebrate religious beliefs. 
National  Celebrations Special events that are related to and shared by a certain nation or country.


Foreign Celebrations

Special events of other nations and cultures.
Throne day


It is a national day in which people celebrate the day a king or a queen started to rule their country.
Christmas  A day in which Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
Festival of roses


It is a local celebration held in EL Kelaâ M’Gouna, nearly 50 miles northeast of the city of Ouarzazate. In this festival, people of the area celebrate the season’s rose harvest.
The birth of the prophetAn international day in which all Muslims celebrate the birth of the prophet Muhammed.


Thanksgiving day


It is a public holiday in the united states of America (on the fourth Thursday in November), and in Canada (on the second Monday of October). In this celebration, people give thanks and express their gratitude to God for life, health, wealth…etc.
Halloween A celebration in the UK and the USA, in which children dress like ghosts.
Independence dayA national day that people celebrate in which they declared themselves independent.
New year


A day in which people celebrate the beginning of a new year.


Green March


A national day in Morocco in which Moroccans celebrate the day when they retrieved their Sahara areas from Spain in November 1975. 
 Imilchil festival A yearly gathering of people in a Moroccan area called Imilchil where young men and women meet to marry.
 Ashoura A yearly Moroccan celebration on the 10th Muharram.




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