Vocabulary related to Ecology and Environmental Problems

Basic English Vocabulary (ESL&EFL Vocab)

Vocabulary related to Ecology and Environmental Problems – 


    1. Ozone layer:

    The layer of gases that block dangerous solar radiation coming from the sun towards the earth.

    1. Endangered species:

    Animals, insects and all species that are about extinct (disappear).

    1. Fuel efficient:

    The use of fuel effectively – using less fuel.

    1. Organic fertilizers:

    Natural and chemical products that make the soil plantable and more productive for agriculture.

    1. Greening:

    Creating green areas through the process of planting trees.

    1. Extinction:

    The disappearance of species such as dinosaurs.

    1. Global warming:

    The High increase in temperature due to environmental imbalances.

    1. Acid rain:

    A rain that contains harmful amounts of chemicals.

    1. Dumping:

    Throwing away unused and unwanted products into rivers and seas.

    1. Recycling:

    The process of collecting used materials and treating them to be used again. The process of reproducing materials for further use.

    1. Carbon monoxide

    The poisonous gas formed by the burning of carbon, especially in the form of car fuel.

    1. Carbon dioxide

    The gas formed when carbon is burned, or when species such as people or animals breathe out.

    1. Climate

    The general conditions of weather usually found in a particular place.

    1. Climate changes

    The changes that are affecting the weather. It has been a growing concern in the last few decades.

    1. Deforestation

    The unsystematic process of cutting down trees in a large area; the destruction of forests by people.

    1. Desertification

    The process by which land becomes a desert.

    1. Drought

    A long period of time when there is no water or rain

    1. Earthquake

    The sudden movement of the Earth’s surface, sometimes causing great damage in infrastructure.

    1. Energy

    The power from something such as electricity or oil, which provides light and heat. There are different types of energy: solar, nuclear, hydroelectric…

    1. Energy conservation

    The process of preserving energy

    1. Environment

    The air, water, and land in or on which people, animals, and plants live.

    1. Flood

    A large amount of water covering an area that is usually dry.

    1. Natural resources

    Things such as minerals, forests, coal, etc. exist in a place and can be used by people.

    1. Green peace

    An organization that protects the environment.

    1. Renewable energy

    A type of energy that can be produced as quickly as it is used.

    1. Pollution

    When the air, water, and soil become fully damaged due to the garbage and dangerous products that people throw.


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