Vocabulary related to Society and Social Problems

Basic English Vocabulary (ESL&EFL Vocab)

Vocabulary related to Society and Social Problems


  1. Society:

 A group of people living together and who have the same traditions, customs, values, and culture. More generally, a society is an economic, social, and industrial infrastructure of which different people are a part. Members of a society may not necessarily be culturally homogeneous.

  1. Social exclusion:

The state of being or feeling alien within a society or a community. It is often related to the individual’s social class, educational status, relationships in childhood and life standards, and how these might impact access to various opportunities.

  1. Social solidarity:

Is closely related to “social cohesion” and is the idea of a well-integrated functioning society where all individuals have been socialized into its shared norms and values.

  1. Joblessness:

The state of being jobless and unemployed, having no work. The lack of job opportunities.

  1. Homelessness:

The state of being homeless, having no home to live in. Homeless people live in the street.

  1. Illiteracy:

The state of being not educated. Illiterate people can neither read nor write.

  1. Social class:

The hierarchical distinctions (or stratification) between individuals or groups in societies.

  1. Social problem:

A social problem, The state of being not able to get the basic necessities of life.

9.      Beggar:

A person who lives by asking people for money and food.

  1. Road accidents:

Accidents that happen due to the disrespect of the road code.

  1. Minority:

Or a subordinate group is a sociological group that does not constitute a politically dominant voting majority of the total population of a given society.

  1. A dangerous disease:

The kind of illness and sickness that is difficult to cure.

  1. Shantytowns:

Houses lacking healthy conditions to live in.

  1. Social mobilization:

A process that engages a wide range of partners at national and local levels to raise awareness of and demand for a particular objective through dialogue. Members of institutions, community networks…etc. It seeks to facilitate change.

  1. Microloans:

A small sum of money lent at low interest to a new business.


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