The use of the conditional type TWO in English (EFL/ESL Grammar: rules, use and practice)

EFL/ESL Grammar: rules, use, and practice

The use of the conditional type TWO in English 

What is Conditional type two or the Second Conditional?

The second conditional is used to talk about hypothetical and unreal things in the present. Sometimes, it is used to express a wish in the present.

The form of the second conditional

(if + past simple, … subject + would + infinitive)

Forms of conditional type two with the verb “go”


I would go if I …….

You would go if you ..

She would go if she …

He would go if he ..

We would go if we..

You would go if you ..

They would go if they ..


I wouldn’t go if I …….

You wouldn’t  go if you ..

She wouldn’t go if she …

He wouldn’t go if he ..

We wouldn’t go if we..

You wouldn’t go if you ..

They wouldn’t go if they ..


Would I go if I ….?

Would you go if you…?

Would he go if he…?

Would she go if she…?

Would we go if we…?

Would you go if you…?

Would they go if they…?



  • If I weren’t poor, I would travel to many places.
  • If I had a Ferrari, I would go wherever I want.
  • If I met Ronaldo, I would be very happy.
  • I wouldn’t fail the exam if I studied
  • She wouldn’t come if she had no time.
  • He would give you money if he had more of it.




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