The use of TOO/ENOUGH  in English – Grammar: Rules and Practice

EFL/ESL Grammar: Rules, use, and practice

The use of TOO/ENOUGH  in English

Too and enough?

 “Too and enough” are two words that we use in English to refer to a certain degree. The word “Too” means ‘more than what is needed or more than what is enough’. “Enough” means ‘as much as necessary’, in the amount we need. Both of them help modify nouns, adverbs, and nouns.


  • There were too many people.
  • I have too many questions.
  • She loves her too
  • She writes too

I satisfied enough with the results.

I have enough money to go shopping.

Grammatical forms OF TOO AND ENOUGH                                           

The form of TOO
–          Too + much/many + a noun
–          Too + adjectives or adverbs
The form of ENOUGH
–          Adjectives or adverbs + enough
–          Enough + noun


Enough is used to indicate sufficiency (something sufficient)


  • Your pants are huge enough to fit my huge body
  • You have slept enough. So, wake up and let’s go.
  • I have enough time to meet her.

Too is used to mean more or less than enough (more/less than what is required)


  • You are too
  • She is too
  • They were too tired to go jogging this morning.
  • That guy has too many credit cards.
  • She had too much money.

Enough is used in negative statements to indicate less than necessary.


  • She is not running quickly enough. She may not participate in the contest.
  • I apologize; I didn’t have enough time to go to the beach with you.
  • You are not strong enough to lift it.

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