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Expressing effects, results, and consequences in English 

What is a result?

Expressing result – A result (effect or a consequence) is a thing that is caused by someone or something else. A result must necessarily have a cause. In English, you can express effects and results by knowing the following expressions.

Common expressions of effect in English

  • As a consequence
  • As a result
  • Therefore
  • So
  • That’s why
  • Consequently

The expressions in the table above have the same rule. They always come in the middle of two sentences. They are all used to link two sentences. The first sentence expresses a cause and the second expresses an effect.

  1. Examples:
  • She was sick. As a consequence, she was absent.
  • They were late. That’s why they were fired.
  • She studied hard. Therefore, she works as the manager of the company.
  • She is so rich. So, she has many cars.
  • She used to play taekwondo. As a result, she knows how to defend herself.

These expressions can also be used to express effects. They can be used in writing or speaking. Check the examples below to see how they are used.

Other expressions of effect in English

  • The result of …is…
  • The first effect of ….is….
  • The consequences of ….are..
  1.  Examples of expressing the result in English 
  • The result of dropping out of school is joblessness
  • The first effect of illiteracy is social marginalization 
  • The consequences of education are a great job, a great life, and a high salary.



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