Expressing Opinions and Beliefs in English (ESL/EFL English Lessons)

ESL/EFL English Lessons

Expressing opinions and beliefs in English

Expressing an opinion in English – asking for an opinion

Asking for an opinion in English: There are many ways in English to ask people for their opinions. These are the most common expressions:

Asking  about opinion using open-ended questions in English 

  • What is your opinion about…..?
  • Do you think that…..?
  • What is your perspective about …?
  • What is your view?
  • How do you see …?
  • As far as you are concerned, what, who, which….?

Asking about opinion using closed questions in English 

  • Do you think that?
  • Don’t you think …?
  • Do you believe ..?

Expressing an opinion in English – giving an opinion 

Giving an opinion in English: When speaking English, there are many ways to express your opinions and beliefs. The use of these expressions depends on how strong your opinion is.

Giving your opinion neutrally in English

  • I think that…
  •  I feel that…
  • In my opinion
  • As far as I’m concerned, I …
  • To my mind, …
  • It seems to me that, …
  • In my view, ….
  • As I see it, ….
  • I tend to think,…..

Giving a strong opinion in English 

  • I’m sure that …
  • I strongly believe …
  • She strongly feels that …
  • I definitely think …
  • I’m absolutely convinced that …

Expressing beliefs in English

  • I’m a great believer in (hard work)
  • I strongly believe that (education is important)
  • I’m a huge believer in (participating in voluntary work)


After a preposition such as: “in or about”, you need to insert a noun or a gerund. For example: “I believe in (hard work)”, or “I believe in (participating in voluntary work)”.

After “that”, you need to put a clause (a simple sentence that contains: subject, verb, and (object)). For example: “I believe that everyone will attend the meeting”.

Examples of expressing asking for and giving opinion and beliefs in English 

  • A: What is your opinion about education?
  • B: I think that education is very important because if you got your certificates, you will get a great job.
  • A: Don’t you think that going to the gym is helpful
  • B: I’m absolutely convinced that going to the gym is really helpful
  • A: As far as you are concerned, what is the best movie in history?
  • B: I’m a strong believer that the best movie in history is Shawshank redemption.



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