Making and responding to an offer in English (EFL/ESL Speaking lessons)

EFL/ESL English speaking lessons

Making and responding to an offer in English 

What is an offer?

Expressing an offer – An offer (the verb is offer) is saying that you will do something for someone or to give someone something. There are many expressions that you can use to express your offer in English. But, these are the most common ones:

Making an offer in English 

  • I will + verb (infinitive)….?
  • Can I + verb (infinitive)…?
  • Would you like to + verb (infinitive)…?
  • Would you like + noun…?

Accepting an offer in English

  • Yes, sure.
  • Sure.
  • Yes, please.
  • Yeah, thank you.
  •  That would be nice.
  • That would be helpful

Refusing an offer in English 

  • No, thank you
  • I’m not interested
  • Maybe later
  • I can do it by myself
  • Thanks, I don’t want to

Examples of making, accepting, and refusing offers in English 

  • A: I will bring something to eat.
  • B: No, thank you


  • A: Would you like some coffee?
  • B: Yes, Please.


  • A: Can I get you some tea?
  • B: Thanks, but I don’t want it.


  • A: Would you like a piece of cake?
  • B: Maybe later.



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