Expressing Addition in English (EFL/ESL English speaking lessons)

(EFL/ESL English speaking lessons

Expressing addition in English 

What is addition?

Expressing Addition – Addition (the verb is add) means the processing of adding something to something that already exists. We can add ideas to ideas, or sentences to sentences…etc. As learners, we need to know the phrases and words that can be used to express addition. In English, there are so many expressions. But, these are the most used ones. They will be presented to you in categories.

Expressions of addition – Category one

  • Along with
  • In addition to

/along with and in addition to/ are followed with a noun or a verb +ing. Both expressions can be either at the beginning of the sentence or in the middle.

  1. Examples:
  • Along with being smart, she is very tidy.
  • She is very tidy along with being smart.
  • In addition to intelligence, she has skills.
  • She has skills in addition to intelligence.

Expressions of addition – Category two

  • Moreover
  • Furthermore
  • In addition to this
  • In addition to that
  • What is more
  • Addedly
  • Also
  • Besides
  • In addition

The expressions in the table above have the same rule. They all are put between two sentences. Note that you have to write the first sentence and put a full stop, put the linking word, comma and then put the other sentence.

  1. Examples:
  • She has many problems. Moreover, she has no money.
  • He is very intelligent. Also, he is well organized.
  • She is a successful woman. Addedly, she manages her life.
  • Some women take care of their children. What is more, they work outside.

Note: also might be used like this:

  • He is very intelligent. He is also well-organized. 

Expressions of addition – Category three

  • As well as

/As well as/ has a different use. It combines equivalent structures. For example a noun with a noun, a verb with a verb, an adjective phrase with an adjective phrase, a sentence with a sentence.  Check the examples below:

  1. Examples:
  • She is smart as well as
  • He is a successful man as well as a good teacher.
  • She cars as well as

Expressions of addition – Category four

  • Not only ….but also

  /Not only….but also/ links two sentences. Check the examples below:

  1. Examples:
  • He not only works hard but also sleeps a lot.
  • She not only has so many cars, but also many houses.
  • Kyle is not only very intelligent but also a very trustworthy person.



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