Expressing A Promise in English (EFL/ESL English Speaking Lessons)

EFL/ESL English Speaking Lessons

Expressing a promise in English

What is a promise?

Expressing a promise – A promise is to tell someone that you will or will not do something, or something will happen. Unlike other functions, there are a few expressions in English that can be used to indicate promise. People basically make promises because they want to please others or to make themselves feel worthy by doing something. There are many expressions you can use to ask other people to make your promises.

Asking for a promise

  • -Promise me that you will + verb +……….
  • -Do you promise me to + verb (infinitive) ……..?
  • -Will you + verb (infinitive) ………………………..?
  • -I want you to promise me that you will + verb (infinitive) + ……..
  • -Swear a God that you will + verb (infinitive)………….
  • -Is this a promise?
  • -Promise?
  • -Give me your word that you will + verb (infinitive) + …….

Making a promise

  • – I will definitely + verb (infinitive) +………………
  • -She promised me she will + verb (infinitive) +……..
  • -I swear to God that I will + verb (infinitive)+………….
  • -It’s a promise that I will + verb (infinitive) +…..
  • -It’s a promise.
  • -You have my word

Here are some expressions that you can use to make promises to people:

Example of expressing promise in English 

  • A: will you promise to take me to the cinema if I finish all my homework?
  • B: I promise.
  • A: give me your word that you give me some money if I helped you out with this.
  • B: I will definitely give it to you.  Just do it.
  • A: you will bring me a bike if I got good grades. Is this a promise?
  • B: yes, my son. You have my word.                                
  • A: swear to God that you give me my money back at the end of this month.
  • B: I swear to God that I will.





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