Noam Chomsky and José Pepe Mujica 

Noam Chomsky and José Pepe Mujica 


“CHOMSKY & MUJICA” is the movie of two of the most important intellectuals and the greatest politicians, today. The documentary, which is made specifically for young people, is a beautiful story and a powerful message to human beings and humanity. It is about love, freedom, life, power, peace, justice and portrays some of the biggest challenges of the 21st century.

The historically memorable meeting was filmed at the house of the previous Uruguayan President José “Pepe Mujica, in Montevideo, Uruguay. In that place, Noam Chomsky, Pepe Mujica and their wives Valeria and Lucia, had a great weekend to know each other, impart amazing life experiences and engage in an unforgettable conversation.



According to the New York Times, Chomsky is a powerful intellectual with a considerable novelty amount and influence of his thought. He is considered of the greatest minds of our times. He is a linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic, and a great political activist. He has written more than 100 great books and he is commonly known as the father of modern linguistics. His thoughts of both linguistics and politics are widely spread among young generations.

José Pepe Mujica with his legendary biography is another extraordinarily influential character. José Mujica was part of the “Tupamaros” guerrilla, back in the days of the Uruguayan dictatorship. He was imprisoned for 15 years in tough conditions. He was tortured, isolated from others, and almost got killed several times. When he was eventually released, he struggled again for several years and became a president.

As a president, he shocked the world by showing everyone how politics should be done. His positive and sincere attitude, his charisma and his powerful speeches allowed him to be considered one of the greatest presidents of all times


Young people today are living in a dangerous world. The ecological, economic and sociopolitical breakdown of our unsustainable global community appears to be very deleterious.

This documentary is about answering some of the biggest questions. The greatest minds of our times: Noam Chomsky and José Pepe Mujica wisely answer these questions to help change the global course in the next decades.



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