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How to write a good report?

What is a report?

A report is defined as a writing form that specifically identifies and examines issues, events and incidents that have happened in the world, for instance: incidents that happened within a company, school industrial institution. A report aims at telling the reader about the most important issues and events in a clear, concise, and objective way. One of the most important skills students should have is reporting, either orally or in a written form. This is something that they definitely need in real-life situations.

Students of high school and college will have to learn how to report for two main reasons:

  • To find out what they learned from reading, research, and experience.
  • Develop reporting skills that are widely used in the workplace.

The components of a report 

A report should be comprehensive and covers everything that happened. Therefore, the reporter should include several elements in his/her report. Basically, a report should answer five essential questions:

  • What was the event?
  • Who was involved in the event?
  • When did the event take place?
  • Where did the event happen?
  • What were the main conclusions/recommendations of the event?

It definitely depends on the incident. However, when writing a detailed report, you will use the elements in the following table.

Organizers of the event
Topic of the event
Place of the event
Time of the event
Participants in the event
Attendance at the event
Activities in the event
Main ideas of the event
Evaluation of the event
Reactions to the event

Questions you ask when you write a report

Organizers Who organized the event?
Topic What is the topic of the event?
Place What is the place of the event?
Time How much time did the event take?
Participants Who were the participants in the event?
Attendance How many attended the event?
Activities What were the activities during the event?
Main ideas What were the main ideas discussed during the event?
Evaluation How was the event evaluated?
Reactions How did participants react to the event?


Organizers The golden gates association
Topic Leadership and youth
Place What is the place of the event?
Time 3 hours
Participants Teachers, students, parents, educators, administrators
Attendance 200 persons






Main ideas  

young people should be taught how to be leaders. They need to be supported and educated

Evaluation The event was very successful and fruitful
Reactions Every attendant was satisfied and educators called for putting an action plan to help young people in the city.

Practical tips to write a well-detailed report:

  • Title: it should be short and concise. It should give the reader a general idea about the content of the report.
  • Introduction: The introduction sets the scene for the report by providing the reader with details such as: date, time, participants… etc.
  • Body: This is the main part of the report. You have to focus on the main activities of the event.
  • Conclusion: evaluate the success of the event and mention the reactions and opinions of the participants.



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