8 Amazing Writing Activities To Improve Your Students’ Writing Skills

8 Amazing Writing Activities To Improve Your Students’ Writing Skills

Writing Activities To Improve Your Students’ Writing 

Writing is one of the most difficult language skills because it involves the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. It is no wonder that many learners find it very difficult to write one correct sentence. Writing skills are very important because students will need them outside the classroom. Therefore, it is very important for teachers to help their students master and develop effective writing skills.

As teachers, we know for better that writing is demanding for all learners and it also puts an extra burden on our shoulders. It is a matter of fact time-consuming and exhausting. Teachers often try to ignore it because they don’t want to carry stacks of students’ papers home to correct. However, writing skills are fundamental, and teachers are left with no option other than to teach writing.

How can teachers get students to write?

The answer is to make writing a fun activity that engages students. In the next post, I will share with you eight amazing writing activities that teachers can use in your classroom to help your students practice as much as they can and ultimately develop sound writing skills.

Story Chains 

This is a group activity for students. Teachers divide the class into groups and jot down a prompt on the board, and then ask students to take a piece of paper and a pen. Teachers ask one student from each group to write something in one minute and then pass the paper to the next student in the same group to finish from where the first students stopped. The goal is to have students write a coherent story through teamwork.

Creating classroom journals for students

In this writing activity, teachers only need to bring journals and colored pens. This is a great activity and students will definitely feel excited. The goal of the activity is to express self. Teachers tell students to write about anything they did yesterday or during the last week. Students can write about their daily routines, favorite movies, and hobbies. Students will be more than happy to write about themselves. They will even feel excited if you ask them to express their feelings.

After writing, you ask students to exchange places and read their classmates’ journals.

Using Index Cards

This is another way to get students to write. Teachers can use index cards. Instead of assigning regular homework on a copybook, teachers can tell students use index cards to write about a funny story they want to share with classmates. Next session when they are in class, teachers collect the cards and randomly distribute them and ask students to read them.

Story completion

Teachers can design templates of stories with pictures and a few words distributed systematically throughout the story and ask students to use those words and the pictures to complete the story. This is a fun way to get students to write. Teachers will definitely be surprised of students’ creativity and imagination. Here is a Story completion worksheet

Happy New Year letters

This is one of the funniest writing activities teachers can use with their students. At the beginning of the New Year, teachers ask students to write letters for their classmates in which they express their wishes. Students can exchange the letters among them. This really encourages students to write and learn new words to express themselves.

Retelling favorite story

Teachers can often ask their students to write about a story they like and inspired them. Students can write about a real story – something that happened to them or just a story a movie story. Students will learn to use descriptive adjectives to describe people and places and also the narrative style.

Word challenge

Teachers can also use the word challenge activity. In this activity, teachers can pick a word they have just taught to their students and ask them to put it in a sentence. Students read the sentences aloud, and then teachers ask them to exchange the sentences and write a story using the sentence as a prompt. This is a fun way to practice creative writing skills with your students.

Birthday wishes

This is an activity that teachers can implement all the time. Whenever a student has a birthday, the teacher asks the entire class to write to them a birthday wish – a couple of sentences to wish them something. This activity would not take much time and can be integrated with any lessons, and it will definitely help teachers getting their students to write.

This is a list of writing activities teachers can use with their students to get them to write. They are fun, easy and engaging. Which one do you like most?


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