Basic English Vocabulary: Leisure and Entertainment

Basic English Vocabulary: Leisure and Entertainment

  1. What activities are in the picture below? What activities do you practice?
  2. Which one do you find very interesting and which one do you find very boring?
  3. Which activities do you practice in your free time?


Vocabulary related to entertainment

Definition and meaning


Activities that entertain people such as: movies, theater, music… etc.


LeisureFree time


IndoorInside the house, classroom or school…etc.


OutdoorOutside the house, classroom or school… etc.


ActivityAnything you do for interest or to entertain yourself.


The activity of working in a garden, cleaning it and, watering flowers and roses.
CookingPreparing food.


Surfing the internet


The activity of browsing the internet watching videos, listening to music or searching for information.
JoggingThe act of running slowly.


Playing chess


A game played by two people on a marked board.


ShoppingThe act of going to shops and stores to buy things.


Other activities:


Watching TV

Listening to music

Listening to the radio

Reading books


Chatting on Facebook

Going to the cinema

Going to the theatre

Playing football




  • She goes jogging three times a week.
  • I play football with my friends.
  • I like swimming in the beach.
  • In my free time, I go in-line skating with my friends.




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