Real Wealth is Not Just About Money and Possessions

Real Wealth is never about money and possessions 

I remember a few days ago, I was on Facebook scrolling down and I came across this video of Bob Marley, the famous singer. Watch the video below. 

You see… this statement said by Bob “my richness is life, ….forever” has really captivated me. This is not something we hear every single day.

A worth-asking question is what is real wealth? Does having a lot of money and possessions make you rich and happy?

Generally speaking, people might hold different perspectives about what real wealth is. Most people would consider themselves wealthy and rich if they have a big beautiful house, a beautiful car, wear expensive clothes…etc.

Believe it or not … that’s totally a wrong belief. Real wealth is not about money and possessions. There are several important elements that constitute real wealth.

In this short post, I want to share with you some ideas that relate directly to wealth. These ideas are the result of my reading about this issue. You should realize that money and possessions are important in life, but they are not at the top of the pyramid. There are other things that matter more. 

The first element is your inner life.

This is something which is very important. Your inner life is directly related to your outer life. You have to know that the quality of life you are living and who you are is dependant on your thoughts and mindset. Are you living in peace and happiness or living under pressure, stress, anxiety, and depression? 

The second element is your health.

Both your physical and mental health are so important. Your health is your real wealth. The irony of life is when we are young we strive for wealth so badly but when we get old and make enough wealth, we lose our health and we wish we hadn’t done it. 

The third element is your family.

Family and friends are extremely important. Remember that social relationships make life better and meaningful.

The fourth element is experience.

Life is a continuous adventure. Those experiences and beautiful memories really make life valuable. So, travel the world, discover new cultures and learn new things…. life is worth-living that way. 

The fifth element is making an impact.

Ask yourself: Are you making a difference in life? I think life becomes worth-living when you serve others, help them, teach them, support them and have a positive impact on them.

To put it in a nutshell, remember that real wealth is never about money and material things. As Cesar Chavez says “real wealth is never measured by money, power or status, real wealth is measured in the legacy we leave behind for people we love and inspire.”

I hope this post was inspiring and insightful. There are many things in life that we don’t appreciate and are responsible for our happiness or misery. 


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