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Established in 2018

Teachingutopians is an eminent educational platform that is primarily created to connect all teachers, ELT educators, and parents from around the world. It’s inspired by the unrelenting passion and diligence of dedicated professionals who are working so hard to teach, educate and shape the young minds of our future leaders.

As the world is developing at a rapid pace, the ELT profession is notably becoming more and more challenging and demanding. Our ever-lasting mission, therefore, is to encourage individual teachers and educators to pursue their personal learning and professional development to ultimately be able to bring about more positive impact and change to the world.

Teachingutopians is a portal for teachers and educators to voice their thoughts, trepidations, and inconveniencies and also to share their experience, wisdom, knowledge, and classroom practices. And as Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Learning never exhausts the mind”.

We also regularly post tips, ideas, and issues that relate to Education, Pedagogy, Teacher PD, and ELT, and we highly encourage everyone to interact, discuss, and exchange ideas on our social media platforms at Teach English that help interested individuals to gain more insights about ELT. 

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